About Us

NewLeaf Finance is a reliable boutique mortgage broker aimed towards helping clients acquire the funds they need to buy their own home or investment property. We provide trustworthy knowledge to our clients by teaching them how to build long-term wealth through smart strategies that empower them to achieve success today, while they build wealth for the future.

We work for you and not the bank. With your best interest at heart, we always take time to personally know your unique situations and link you to the lenders that will meet your needs. We provide tailored solutions for home and investment lending, refinance, personal protection and finance planning, among others. With our exceptional financial and industry expertise in understanding the property market, we deliver dependable personalised service and advice, leading to long-term results.

As reliable mortgage brokers, we'll guide you across the competitive and ever-changing mortgage landscape to find the right loan for you. Leave the burden to us to negotiate on your behalf and make the process as simple as possible for you. We're geared to deliver fast results and help avoid unnecessary setbacks and complexities of finding loan features that suit your personal circumstances.

You can see us at any stage of your financial journey. You could be saving for your first home, or thinking of refinancing and finding out if you still have the best deal with your existing lender. Based on your objectives, we’ll work tirelessly to find out what is important for you in a loan. Whatever your plans are for the future, it could be starting a family or wanting access to equity for rental property or renovations, NewLeaf Finance has got you covered!

From Our Founder - David Zhou

At NewLeaf finance, our mission is to help millennials establish a strong and secure financial future. Our company goes beyond finding the best rate. It’s the strategy, structure and service that matters. All your options will be scrutinised and carefully researched to ensure you’re making the most informed decisions.

The opportunities and strategies we arrive at will be crafted and implemented to achieve the best results for you. This is something that requires experience and careful consideration so as to find the right solution for every individual. Our strong team and skilled professionals is what gives us a competitive advantage as we are able to make smart decisions and help our clients grow their wealth substantially.

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