Investment Properties

Investment properties provide excellent long-term returns which can be improved even further with the right finance strategies. Talk to us about how your investment property will fit into your overall investment portfolio.

The Right Investment Loan for Your Needs

The keys to investing in property are conducting proper research and having the right people to help you out. Property in Australia is still considered as one of the best investments due to the steady and consistent growth over time. However, just like any other market in the world, property tends to have a booming period with highs and lows, and steady stints in between.

If the words “income generation” or “capital growth” sound like what you’re after — then you've come to the right place. At NewLeaf Finance, we take the time to understand the particular needs of your investment and help you to create long-term wealth through:

  • Investor coaching
  • Loan structuring strategies
  • Interest offsetting strategies
  • LMI strategies for an investor including Professional package
  • Portfolio building strategies
  • Risk protection strategies
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